Christmas Sale, Gold Chains, Jesus Pieces, Jewelry Sale -

For a limited time get 50% off your entire Rare & Co. Jewelry order. At checkout, use code: RAREFIFTY Happy Holidays  

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Gold Chain, Small Jesus Piece -

Rare & Co. helps you to Stay Shinin' in the latest gold small Jesus Piece necklace. Each pendant is plated in a stunning 18k gold and includes your choice of chain length. Additionally, each piece includes an individual authenticity card as well as a Rare & Co. Jewelry box. Take a closer look at the Rare & Co. Jesus Piece in the video below: . For a limited time, use coupon code: BLOG20 for 20% off your entire order.

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Cuban Link Chains, Fashion, Rapper Jewelry, Small Jesus Head Piece, Streetwear Jewelry, White Gold Small Angel Pendant -

We recently put together a list of our favorite gold chains for Men's hip-hop artists. Here's what we came up with. 1. GOLD SMALL MICRO JESUS PIECE NECKLACE Gold Small Micro Jesus Piece Necklace: One of the most iconic men's jewelry accessories of the generation is the Jesus Piece. Having been worn by famous rappers, hip-hop artists, athletes and fashion icons, there is no denying its one of the greatest styles of all time.  2. GOLD ORIGINAL CUBAN LINK CHAIN SET Gold Original Cuban Link Chain Necklace: Similar to the Jesus Piece, the Cuban Link chain is one of the staple items...

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Gold Chain Collection, Gold Mini Jesus Pieces, Rare & Co., White Gold Mini Jesus Pieces -

New to the Rare & Co. collection is the option to purchase gold small Jesus Piece sets. Each set includes two pendants and two chains. All of our jewelry includes a Lifetime Guarantee as well as a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Color Options: 18k Gold Plated White Gold Plated Chain Lengths: 24 Inches 30 Inches All of our jewelry includes a Rare & Co. authenticity card as well as a Lifetime Guarantee.  

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Gold Jewelry, Micro Jesus Pieces -

We recently released new and improved Micro Jesus Pieces. These newly refined pendants feature two colors and your choice of chain length.  Color options: 18k Gold plated White Gold plated Chain length choices: 24 Inch chain 30 Inch chain All of our jewelry includes a Lifetime Guarantee and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Use code BLOG15 at checkout for 15% off of your entire order.   

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